The history of Sofia dates back over 7000 years to be considered by historians the second oldest city in Europe. 

The most important monuments still existing are:

  • Church of San Giorgio 
  • National Theatre 
  • Russian Church of Sofia 
  • Sveta Nedelya 
  • Banya Bashi Mosque

The Church of St. George (Sveti Georgi – Ротонда „Свети Георги”) is a Paleochristian church located in Sofia. It has a circular plan and is built in red bricks. It was built in the 4th century and is the oldest building in Sofia. Today it is surrounded by the remains of the ancient Serdica (ancient name of the city of Sofia) and a hotel.

The National Theatre “Ivan Vazov” is the largest theater in Bulgaria, as well as the oldest, most important and most impressive theater in the country. This theatre is one of Sofia’s main landmarks due to its prime location and grandiose architecture.  Founded in 1904 by the artists of the theater “Salza i Smyah”, it was initially called simply the National Theater, but soon after it was named after the famous Bulgarian writer Ivan Vazov.

Along the street “Tsar Osvoboditel” you can admire the beautiful golden domes of the so-called “most beautiful church in Sofia”. This is the church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker also known as the Russian Church of Sofia. Its high dome, surrounded by four smaller domes, all in gold harmonize perfectly with the roof of the church which is covered with green majolica

The Banya Bashi Mosque was designed in 1576 by the greatest of all Ottoman architects, Mimar Sinan, who also built the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.  Banya Bashi means “many baths” and the name comes from the nearby Tsentralnata Banya (Central Baths). 

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