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Moldovan cuisine

Moldovan gastronomy certainly owes the merit of its richness to the historical vicissitudes that have brought the country into contact with varied culinary influences from the peoples close to it…

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Bosnian coffee

Bosnian coffee is not Turkish coffee and the Bosnian population is very keen to point this out. There are mainly two differences. The first concerns sugar: in Turkish coffee it…

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Sacher cake – Austria

The Sacher cake is definitely one of the most famous chocolate desserts in the world. Of Austrian origin, this chocolate cake dates back to 1832, when pastry chef Franz Sacher…

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Waffles – Belgium

The Waffles also known as Gaufre, are sweet waffles, soft inside and crispy outside, cooked on the typical waffle plate that gives it the classic honeycomb structure.  These are delicious…

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