Typical Danish cuisine

Typical Danish cuisine

Gastronomy is one of the main factors of tourism in Copenhagen. Among the main dishes of the Danish tradition are smørrebrød and Danish Butter Cookies.

Smørrebrød is perhaps the most famous dish of the city of Copenhagen and Denmark in general. 

It is an open sandwich, literally bread and butter, stuffed with both meat and fish. 

The traditional recipe, however, includes a slice of rye bread seasoned with butter and stuffed with fish, usually herring or salmon. Everything is accompanied with a sauce based on curry and dill.

It is said that there are about 200 variants of smørrebrød. 

Another very famous product in the world are Danish biscuits. The original name is “Danish Butter Cookies”, and they are found inside the timeless blue tin box. 

Among the capital’s best-stocked markets is Torvehallerne, located a short distance from Nørreport train station.

The market is open every day and you can find many typical Danish products.

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