Torbiere of Sebino

At​ the southern end of Lake Iseo​ there is a magical place where the encounter between water and land gives life to an area of great naturalistic interest protected by the Lombardy Region: ​the “Torbiere of Sebino” declared “Wetland of international importance”, ” Special Area of Conservation “(SAC) and” Special Protection Area “(SPA).

The “Torbiere of Sebino” extend for about 360 hectares between the towns of Iseo, Provaglio d’Iseo and Corte Franca

The area, recognized as a Nature Reserve, looks like a marshy and marshy territory, with reeds and ponds perfectly inserted in the surrounding landscape formed by cultivated fields.

The flora is influenced by various factors, in particular by the depth of the water: very different species coexist in the “”Torbiere of Sebino”, including some exotic plants.

The “Torbiere of Sebino” are open every day of the year from sunrise to sunset. It is accessed through three main entrances, one in Iseo, one in Provaglio and one in Corte Franca: each has an automatic dispenser for the purchase of the ticket, at the price of 1 euro

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