The giant benches on Lake Iseo – Brescia

The giant benches on Lake Iseo – Brescia

The giant benches on Lake Iseo are part of a major project started in 2010 in the Langhe. 

It’s called “The Big Bench Community Project” and was developed by Chris Bangle, an American designer. 

In fact, the artistic purpose is combined with the involvement of local workers who are called to create the benches with their own tools. 

The giant benches on Lake Iseo are an instrument of strong attraction to discover the area through suggestive paths and surrounded by greenery.

The giant benches on Lake Iseo are four and all located in breathtaking panoramic points.

I take you to discover the giant benches I visited:

Giant Bench of Pilzone (n.73) – Green color

This is located between Iseo and Sulzano, in the locality of San Fermo and from the bench you can enjoy a super view of the lake and Monte Isola.

To reach it you need to make a trek on rather steep cobblestones, so you need to have your legs a little trained and absolutely trekking shoes.

You can leave your car at the free parking of the Pilzone d’Iseo cemetery, walk to “Piazza Basilio Cittadini”, and from there follow “via Silano” and the signs for the “Antica Strada Valeriana” in the direction of Monticelli Brusati.

Giant Bench of Sale Marasino (n.74) – Yellow color

The giant bench is located near Sulzano, in the Sale Marasino area.

You can leave your car near the church of San Giacomo and start on foot leaving the church on the right. From here you have to go under the provincial road 510 and continue to the entrance of the path, once immersed in the woods, in ten minutes you will arrive at the bench. This is a much more practicable path than the climb to the Pilzone bench

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