Kosturnica of Kavadarci

Kosturnica of Kavadarci

The Kosturnica of Kavadarci is a mausoleum, a place where the bones of soldiers who fell during World War II are buried. 

Built in 1976, it is made of concrete and symbolizes a typical Macedonian house. 

The monument is located on the hill that symbolically dominates the city. 

It was built in commemoration of the fallen partisans and fighters of the People’s Liberation Army who fought against the Axis occupying powers of Germany and Bulgaria during World War II in defense of Kavadarci.

The composition of the monument is divided into separate elements, the “house” and the “courtyard”.

The element of the house is a three-level concrete structure about 13 meters high.

Directly adjacent to the monument of the house is the courtyard. It is built with a square shape and is composed of recessed steps in the middle with numerous concrete elements of various heights. 

After the fall of the former Yugoslavia, this monumental complex fell into neglect and ruin. 

Many elements of this memorial are falling apart, degrading and have been completely covered in graffiti.

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