Suleiman Mosque or Blue Mosque

The Suleiman Mosque or Blue Mosque in Istanbul is the most evocative, scenic and monumental mosque in the city, characterized by a splendid courtyard that surrounds it.

The Suleiman Mosque was built between 1550 and 1570 on request and will of one of the most famous and important sultans in the Ottoman history: Solimeno the Magnificent.

The Suleiman Mosque was deeply damaged by a violent fire brokes out in 1660.

In the following years the total restoration was completed but in 1776, due to a strong earthquake, part of the dome collapsed. The subsequent restorations and the various renovation interventions of the damaged dome will bring the mosque to the splendor of the time.

The interior of the Suleiman Mosque is characterized by an immense rectangular-shaped hall entirely covered with majestic carpets from both recent and ancient times.

The name Blue Mosque derives from the more than 21.000 turquoise ceramic tiles inserted into the walls and dome.

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