Atomium – Brussels

Atomium – Brussels

The Atomium, built on the occasion of the Universal Exhibition of 1958, being the pavilion of Belgium during the exhibition was supposed to last only 6 months but its popularity and success have made it a symbol of Brussels and the most popular tourist attraction of the Capital. 

The Atomium is 102 meters high and has a structure of 2,400 tons of steel with 9 spheres connected to each other and originally coated with aluminum. 

The Atomium represents the 9 atoms of an iron crystal, enlarged 165 billion times: a reference to the sciences and uses of the atom, important themes and in full development at the time.

Inside the Atomium through elevators, stairs you can visit exhibitions with the original drawings of the project, stable and temporary exhibitions.

In the last sphere, reachable only by elevator, there is a panoramic restaurant.

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