The city of Ostend (in Dutch Oostende, in French Ostende) is located along the Atlantic coast of Flanders and is washed by the North Sea.

Ostend is one of the most important ports in Belgium and its history has always been linked to the sea.

In the past, Ostend was the favorite seaside resort of the Belgian bourgeoisie, who bequeathed sumptuous palaces to the city. 

Its beach of fine sand, 10 km long, is actually an artificial beach created to contain the invasion of the sea towards the land. 

The promenade is full of shops, bars and restaurants where you can taste local culinary specialties such as Atlantic sole and tomatoes stuffed with shrimp. 

The largest church in Ostend is the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, built in 1907 in the Gothic style with the characteristic twin spires and decorated stained glass windows.

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