Museum of Santa Giulia – Brescia

The Museum of Santa Giulia is unique in Italy because it stands in place of the female monastery of Santa Giulia and contains a Lombard Basilica, a church of 1500 and the remains of the Roman domus.

This museum testifies with over 10,000 exhibits the daily, artistic and spiritual life of Brescia from prehistory to today.

The visit starts from the ground floor where the Domus dell’Ortaglia with perfectly preserved mosaic floors are located: they are houses from the Roman era, from the first to the fourth century and overlook the ancient Decumanus.

The Lombard church of San Salvatore is one of the most important Lombard buildings ever and was built in 753 by King Desiderius as a symbol of his monarchy. 

In this museum complex there is also the frescoed church of Santa Maria in Solario, with a vault of stars and scenes on the walls. Here is the Cross of Desire of the ninth century with Lombard and Roman decorations and 212 gems.

The entire museum in 2011 was included in the World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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