Autoworld – Brussels

Autoworld – Brussels

Autoworld Brussels is one of the best car collections in the world, consisting of more than 300 vehicles. 

Located in the “Parc du Cinquantenaire”, the neoclassical building commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Kingdom of Belgium in 1880. From 1902 to 1936 it hosted exhibitions of cars and motorcycles. From 1986 to the pre-existing exhibition was added the renowned collection of vintage cars by Ghislain Mahy.

Along Autoworld you can admire the history of the automobile, in a chronological path: from the Belle Époque, to the Great War, to the twenties and thirties of the twentieth century, to the Second World War, to the decade of the fifties, up to the Golden Years in Europe.

The cars on display are mostly from private collections, they are the most important brands and models on the market.

The special exhibitions focus on sports and competitions, cars owned by the Belgian royal family and cars that have changed the way we travel. The entire exhibition is located on 2 floors.

On the first floor are the cars that changed history, from the first prototypes to the Second World War. The main Belgian brands such as Minerva and Imperia and the cars of the 40s in America.

On the second floor of the exhibition is the section of cars from 1950 to the present day and the section related to motor racing.

The main cars in the section are: Lamborghini Miura, Ferrari Pininfarina, Porsche 959, McLaren P1, Bugatti Veyron and many others. In the Sport area there are over 30 original racing vehicles such as F1, GT and Rally cars. This section is dynamic and may vary during the course of the year.

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