The legend of the Little Mermaid of Warsaw

The legend of the Little Mermaid of Warsaw

Once upon a time there were two beautiful sister mermaids who lived in the abyss on the shores of the Baltic Sea. 

One of the two decided to swim away towards the Denmark Strait (today she is sitting on her rock at the entrance to the port of Copenhagen).

The other swam to Gdansk and, going up the Vistula River, arrived at the Old Town of Warsaw a place so beautiful that she decided not to leave again. 

The mermaid every evening entertained the fishermen with her sweet song when a rich merchant one day saw her and thought that if she caught her she could earn a lot of money.

The miserly man with a trick caught the mermaid and locked her in a wooden shack away from the water. 

One evening a young local laborer heard the creature’s cries and during the night went to free it. The mermaid to thank promised that if the city needed help she would return to protect it.

This is why the Little Mermaid of Warsaw placed in the center of the Market Square is armed with a sword and shield.

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