The Sphinx and the Solar Boat

The Sphinx and the Solar Boat

The sphinx is one of the great mysteries of history and the theories of archaeologists about the date of construction, origin or function of this colossal sculpture are almost endless.

The opinion that is most confirmed traces the Sphinx to 2,500 a.C. loting it as part of the chefren funerary complex with the specific objective of guarding the tomb.

Sphinx has a height of about 20 meters and is just over 70 meters long. His lion’s body and human head represented for the ancient Egyptians the combination of intelligence and strength.

The discovery of the ship Khufu in 1954 was a discovery, unintentional, by chance. The Khufu ship is one of two ships rediscovered by Kamal El-Mallakh and is identified as the oldest intact ship in the world built for King Pharaoh Khufu from the Fourth Dynasty around 2500 b.C.

Ssolar ship was discovered in the midst of archaeological excavations carried out in the Giza area during the process of cleaning the Great Pyramids.

After discovering a large wall of limestone and digging all the way down, 42 pieces of rock were discovered that under them was the Khufu solar boat.

The boat is unearthed, but unfortunately it was broken into thousands of pieces.

Solar boat was found in five pits near the great pyramid of Cheops and meticulously reassembled from 1224 pieces of cedar wood by the Egyptian chief restorer, Ahmed Youssef Moustafa, who took him 14 years of work to gather the knowledge necessary to put the pieces back together and properly rebuild the ship to its former glory. 

The solar boats of the ancient Egyptians were large ships made of cedar wood, which was imported from Lebanon, built 5,000 years ago around 2800 a.C. and were used in religious rituals during the Pharaonic period.

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