UN – New York

UN – New York

The best known of the different buildings that are part of it is of course the “UN Palace”, the famous skyscraper 154 meters high and also called “Glass Palace”.

The UN headquarters and glass palace are located in the east of Midtown Manhattan, in the neighborhood called Turtle Bay, on the East River, at 760 United Nations Plaza.

The entrance for visitors is located on the corner of New York’s 46th Street and 1st Avenue, yet we can say that the palace is not located in USA.

In fact, once you enter you will be in international territory, since the building enjoys the right of extraterritoriality and it can be said that it belongs to all the Member States.

You can book a guided tour inside the UN Palace, available daily from Monday to Friday.

The guided tour, which lasts about an hour and is available in English, includes a large collection of works of art donated to the UN by private individuals and international bodies, including paintings, tapestries, mosaics and statues from all over the world.

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