Yerevan is the capital of Armenia and is the most populous city in the country with over 1,000,000 inhabitants.

It is one of the oldest cities in the world and was of strategic importance as a crossroads of the caravan routes that connected Europe with India. 

Yerevan has many monuments but the most important are the Republic Square, the Matenadaran, the Blue Mosque and the Victory Park.

The Republic Square is considered the center of the city. At the side of the square there is also a large basin with dancing fountains. The square is also home to five of the city’s most important buildings: the Government Palaces, the Palace of Museums, the Palace of Trade Unions and the Marriott Hotel, one of the most prestigious hotels in the nation.

Matenadaran is an important cultural institution that preserves and preserves a large collection of ancient manuscripts in the local language. The heritage kept inside boasts more than 17,000 manuscripts. 

Blue Mosque was built in the eighteenth century. In Soviet times, the mosque served as the city’s historical museum. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Armenian government decided to renovate the mosque. However, the Iranian government asked permission to do so at its own expense and with the help of its specialists. The Blue Mosque in Yerevan is one of the few mosques still active on Armenian territory.

Victory Park is located on the side of one of Yerevan’s hills, at the top of the steps of the Waterfall. This very large green area houses a small amusement park. In the park there is the monument of 51 meters called Mother Armenia which represents precisely the personification of Armenia and the tomb of the unknown soldier.

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