Soviet architecture – Yerevan

Soviet architecture – Yerevan

Most of the buildings of Soviet architecture in Yerevan are located in the vicinity of the center.

The main socialist-style buildings are the Cascade complex, the metro, Terminal 1 of Zvartnos Airport and the State University of Engineering.

The Cascade complex is one of the most important sites in socialist style and is the main tourist attraction of Yerevan. Work on the complex began in 1971 and nine years later the first part was completed. The complex consists of some levels where you can find numerous modern sculptures and Armenian folk decorations. Cascade project was never finished due to lack of funds. 

Yerevan Metro was built in 1981 and, like most Soviet metros, its stations are very deep and finely decorated with national motifs. The main stations built in socialist style are: the Republic Square stop with the flower-shaped fountain surrounded by a ceiling with carved details and the Yeritasardakan stop.

Zvartnots International Airport, built in 1961, is located 12 km from Yerevan. It was restored and expanded in 1980 with the development of a new area, in order to meet the needs of national traffic. The closure of Terminal 1 took place in 2011 and since then it has been in a state of neglect but still within the area of the current airport. 

Yerevan State Engineering University, built in 1980, is one of the finest examples of brutalism in Yerevan. The entire university building is covered with concrete forms that look like clover. At the entrance there are also numerous carved scenes.

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