Royal Palace of Amalienborg – Copenhagen 

Royal Palace of Amalienborg – Copenhagen 

Royal Palace of Amalienborg is located in the center of Copenhagen and since 1794 has been the main residence of the Danish royal house.

The complex consists of four charming Rococo palaces: Levetzau (Palace of Christian VIII), Brockdorff (Palace of Frederick VIII), Schack (Palace of Christian IX) and Moltke (Palace of Christian VII), which enclose an octagonal square in the center of which stands the equestrian monument of King Frederick V.

The original buildings were to be assigned to the four most important aristocratic families of Copenhagen but, after the fire of Christiansborg Palace, King Christian VI bought them and made it his residence. 

However, only two buildings are open to the public: 

  • Levetzau Palace, where some of the private apartments with their original furnishings are located
  • Moltke Palace, used to accommodate guests and official representatives.

Amalienborg Palace is guarded by the Royal Guard, a special regiment established in 1658, placed to protect the sovereign and the royal residences.

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