Hofkirche – Innsbruck

Hofkirche – Innsbruck

The Hofkirche is one of the most important monuments in the city and is famous for the funeral monument dedicated to Maximilian I.

The Emperor decided to have this monument built, but his remains rest instead in the church of Wiener Neustadt, near Vienna.

The sepulchral monument occupies the center of the church, surrounded by a guard of honor, the Schwartze Mander or black men.

The Schwartze Mander are 28 bronze statues including 8 women. These statues represent ancestors and prominent figures of the time. Among these statues we find both his wives: Maria of Burgundy and Maria Sforza of Milan, Sigismund Archduke of Tyrol, Ferdinand King of Portugal and the legendary King Arthur.

The church also houses the remains of Andreas Hofer who in 1809 fought against the impositions of France and Bavaria and is therefore one of the symbols of the independence of Tyrol.

At the top of the church is the Silver Chapel which houses the remains of Archduke Ferdinand II and his wife Philippine Welser.

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