Other symbols of New York

Other symbols of New York

New York besides the skyscrapers is also famous in the world for Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park and Wall Steet.

Times Square is known for the huge digital billboards that cover all the buildings and illuminate it all day and all night. Times Square is located at one of Manhattan’s major intersections and stands at the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue.

The Brooklyn Bridge connects the island of Manhattan with the Brooklyn neighborhood, crossing the East River. Construction of the Brooklyn Bridge began on 3rd January 1870 and ended in 1883. 

To define Central Park as a city park is really very reductive; we can consider it an oasis, a green lung within the great city of New York. Central Park is located in Uptown, in the middle between the two residential neighborhoods, the Upper West Side and the Upper East Side.  In addition to the many trees and plants, inhabited by a large community of squirrels, the park is home to monuments, statues and works of art, as well as the famous Central Park Zoo.

Wall Street is one of the most important streets in the world, located in the heart of Manhattan takes its name from the border walls of ancient New Amsterdam. In this street is the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), nicknamed “Big Board” and is the largest stock exchange in the world by trading volume and the second by number of listed companies. 

In this street is also located the famous statue of the Bull of Wall Street.

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