The Cave Monastery – Kyiv

The Cave Monastery – Kyiv

The Kyiv Cave Monastery was built in 1501 thanks to the work of two monks, Theodosius and Anthony. 

The Kyiv Cave Monastery was the main place of worship in the medieval period and today is home to the residence of the Metropolitan of Kyiv, spiritual mentor of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

During the 17° and 18° centuries the Monastery was enlarged to obtain the modern appearance. 

Internally the Monastery, after having been deprived over time of its valuable and grandiose churches, houses several museums such as the book museum, the museum of Ukrainian decorative arts and, finally, the museum of historical treasures. 

The Kyiv Monastery, temple of Ukrainian Orthodox memory, is a splendid building in Baroque and Rococo style that stands on the hill outside the city with its golden domes.

The Monastery of the Caves is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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