Maidan Square – Kyiv

Maidan Square – Kyiv

Independence Square (Maidan Square) is the most famous and main square in Kyiv. 

The square is crossed by the Krechtchatyk street, the main street of the center where there are shops and a shopping center.

Over time, this famous square has been named in numerous and varied ways to the point of being called by the inhabitants simply Maïdan. 

The square was devoid of any building and structure but in 1850 it began with the first construction of wooden and stone buildings.

In 1919 it was called Soviet Square and after 1935 it took the name of Kalinine Square.

During the Second World War the square was deeply damaged but was rebuilt in Stalinist style in the first years following the end of the war.

Independence Square is so named following the achievement of Ukrainian independence since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. 

Following the events that took place during the winter between 2013 and 2014 (clashes aimed at the fall of the presidential regime of Victor Yanukovych) and following the Orange Revolution that took place in 2004, the Square continues to be the main meeting place for the city’s demonstrators.

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