Olympiapark – Munich

Olympiapark – Munich

The Olympiapark is the Olympic Park in Munich built for the 1972 Olympics and transformed into a green area once they are over. 

One of the major attractions of the park and Munich is the Olympic tower (Olympiaturm) which with its 291 meters in height is one of the tallest towers in Germany.

The main stadium, built from 1968 to 1972, was designed by the architectural firm Behnisch and Partners. 

It is now home to the major national and international sports competitions in Germany. 

Originally built to accommodate 80,000 spectators, in the 1990s this number was reduced to 69,000 for security reasons. After the closure of the Olympic Games, the stadium was used until 2005 mainly for football matches and used by Bayern Munich and Munich 1860. 

Inside the park there is also the large sea aquarium Sea Life while outside there is the historic headquarters of BMW with its characteristic motor shape. Inside there is a museum of the history of the Bavarian car manufacturer.

During the 1972 Olympics, on 5th September, a group of Palestinian terrorists entered the Olympic village of Munich and broke into the building, immediately killing two athletes who had tried to resist and taking hostage nine other members of the Israeli delegation (three athletes, four coaches and two referees) who were also killed by terrorists following a firefight with a German police team that was trying to free them.

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