The Patriarchal Cathedral – Bucharest

The Patriarchal Cathedral – Bucharest

The Patriarchal Cathedral, dedicated to Saints Constantine and Helena, is the main place of Orthodox worship in Bucharest.  

The Patriarchal Cathedral was built in 1650 on top of Dealul Mitropoliei Hill. 

The Patriarchal Cathedral belongs to an important monastic complex where there is also a bell tower, the Patriarchal Palace and the Patriarchal Residence.

Once at the entrance door of the Cathedral, looking upwards, you can admire the splendid icon of St. Constantine and St. Helena dating back to 1665. 

The interior of the Cathedral is made unique and evocative by the Byzantine frescoes. 

The Cathedral also houses the relics of San Dimitrie Nuovo and boasts an important collection of religious art.

In 1862 the Cathedral was the scene of a particularly relevant and shocking event: the assassination of the first Romanian Prime Minister Barbu Catargiu. The prime minister was killed right in front of the Cathedral with two gunshots, while passing by in a carriage.

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