Palatul Primaverii (Ceauşescu) – Bucharest

Palatul Primaverii (Ceauşescu) – Bucharest

Palatul Primaverii, so called because it is located on the Bulevardul Primaverii, was from 1965 to 1989 the home of the former Romanian communist dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu and his wife Elena Ceauşescu.

The dwelling aesthetically is an incredible set of styles: from Liberty to the Romanian rural style passing through the kitch of the sixties.

There are numerous rooms but the main ones are:

  • The office where Ceauşescu met with his advisers and in 1968 decided not to consent to the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia.
  • The dining room with the rich table laid out as then. 
  • The famous bathrooms from the gold taps with the gold tiles in the mosaics of the couple’s bathroom.
  • The wardrobes of Elena Ceauşescu, “Lenutza” as she was called in the house, which contain more than five thousand clothes, furs and shoes.
  • The winter garden with spa and Olympic-size swimming pool.

Today the residence is a museum, but the sumptuous villa was stormed in 1989 by anti-communist revolutionaries who, upon entering, were shocked to discover the rich interiors at a time when most of the people lived in conditions of extreme austerity.

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