Mausoleum of Tito and Museum of Yugoslavia – Belgrade

Mausoleum of Tito and Museum of Yugoslavia – Belgrade

In Belgrade is the Mausoleum of Tito, whose name is Kuca Cveca, the funeral monument of the famous leader of the former Yugoslav Republic.

The name Kuca Cveca, whose meaning is “House of Flowers”, was chosen because of the many flowers that surround the tomb.

The entire Kuca Cveca complex is located on the hill of Dedinje and includes the tomb of the Marshal and the memorial museum, which houses a collection of objects received as gifts from Tito during his rule.

Once you enter the mausoleum in the center there is a white and monumental marble tomb that houses the body of Titus while smaller, on his left, is that of his wife Jovanka.

Inside the complex there is also the Museum of Yugoslavia with documents, photographs and videos, but also a large collection of objects and clothes that belonged to Marshal Tito.  

A room of the Museum includes the multiple gifts received by Josip Broz Tito during the visits of heads of state and foreign officials. The most important are the Corinthian helmet of the sixth century, a gift from the Greek king Paul I; an ancient Ethiopian shield and the Japanese dagger “Tinto” of the fourteenth century.

Also on display are the famous “relays” that pioneers, young people and various associations delivered to the president every year on Youth Day, 25th May.

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