Sunshine Blogger Award 2021

Sunshine Blogger Award 2021

After giving up for the non-publication of the blog in 2020 here is that after a few months from the launch of the blog of my travels I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award 2021!

The nomination comes from Cinzia, Claudio and little Alessandro, a very nice family from Milan that I respect so much, known thanks to Instagram and protagonists of the blog

A family very determined to make it clear that the clichés about traveling in 3 do not exist and that a child is an extra gear in the discovery of new places especially if seen with the amazed eyes of Alessandro.

I warmly thank them for their esteem and for having thought of me for this recognition.


The Sunshine Blogger Award is a virtual recognition that is handed down from blogger to blogger on an annual basis and is given to those who have proven to be a source of inspiration and creativity.

Thinking that I have been for someone fills me with satisfaction and spurs me to do better and better.

After receiving the nomination, it’s easy to get involved. Enough:

explain what the Sunshine Blogger Award is and how it works, including the rules and the logo image in your article

Thank the blogger who nominates by indicating the link to his blog

Nominate other bloggers by pointing to the link to their blog and ask them new questions

Simple isn’t it? So I begin…


1 Where does your passion for travel come from?

My passion for travel was born from an early age when on Sunday afternoons it was aired at the foot of Kilimanjaro. Seeing the wonders through the eyes of a child passionate about geography but above all about the flags of the world has built in me that I would like to convey to the reader of my blog. In every more or less touristy country you will find something unique

2 When and why did you come up with the idea of starting a travel blog?

The idea of opening the blog of my travels I have always had in mind but during the lockdown of 2020 I totally built from scratch what has always been a dream in the drawer

3 When you write an article about a place you have visited, what aspects and information do you give the most relevance to? 

When I write an article, I always try to bring out the historical side perhaps preferring detailed information to personal opinions. Because in my opinion a travel blog should be neutral and not make personal judgments about what you write. The reader must have a general smattering but the judgment remains personal. Not everyone likes the same destination

4 What kind of traveler are you?

I am the typical traveler from hotel comfort but once you reach the destination turns into a backpacker traveler and off to discover the places always trying to fill the backpack with souvenirs and other typical things

5 What journeys have you told a thousand million times and each time excites you as if it were the first?

The journey that I have told a thousand million times and that every time makes me excited for the places, I have seen is the tour I did visiting Chernobyl and Pripyat. Another desire that I had for many years and that I can’t wait to go back specially to visit the inside of the nuclear power plant with the terribly famous control room.

6 Thinking about the places you have visited, which, in your opinion, should be included among the places to see at least once in a lifetime?

The place I would recommend to visit once in a lifetime is Egypt. A wonderful country full of history and legend. The mere thought that the pyramids and temples decorated with bright colors were built almost 5,000 years ago with a “primitive” technology suggests that perhaps the modern way of building is literally the opposite

7 What different emotions do you feel before, during and after a new trip?

my emotions of the first are extreme curiosity in looking for all the possible information on the new destination, during the joy of breathing and tasting local foods while after I always have that mixture of sadness of the end of the trip and curiosity to look for a new destination

8 Are you older-fashioned, paper map in hand or super technological, navigator and mobile phone in hand?

I am a mixture of the two categories, I prefer to set the days through guides and maps but once out of the hotel I forget the old style using the mobile phone to orient myself and receive information on the typical local neighbors

9 What is the first thing you plan when planning a trip?

when planning a trip, I always try to find a hotel well served by public transport (I love taking the subway) and close enough to the points of interest to see

10 Of all the countries you’ve visited and known, where would you move and why?

Of all the countries I visited I fell in love with two in the main. Russia with Moscow was the first trip with my mother (my great travel companion) in 2005, the first foreign souvenir was a matryoshka that I still jealously keep and that I tattooed on my arm. The other country I’m in love with is Ukraine. A country rich in history and ancient traditions with unique and little-known cities. So, for a potential transfer I will opt for 6 months in Moscow and 6 months in Kyiv.

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