Geneva is located on the banks of the Léman Lake, near the French boundary. 

Known throughout the world for its wealth, it is one of the 5 richest cities in the world.

The Old Town of Geneva is the largest old town in all of Switzerland.

In Geneva we can find monuments from every era, but the main ones are:

  • The Mont-Blanc Bridge and the “Jet d’Eau”
  • The Wall of the Reformers
  • The “Jardin Anglais” and the Flower Clock
  • St. Peter Cathedral

The Mont-Blanc Bridge is an important bridge in Geneva, it connects the old town with the modern one. This bridge is nicknamed the Flag Bridge and from here you can admire the symbol of Geneva: the “Jet d’Eau“.

The 100-meter-long Reformation Wall was erected in honor of the men who worked for the Reformation and the creation of Protestantism. In the middle of the wall, you can admire the 5 meters high statues of 4 great preachers: Giovanni Calvino, Guillaume Farel, Teodoro di Beza and John Knox.

Due to its proximity to the Léman Lake and its many shaded areas, the “Jardin Anglais” (literally “English Garden”) is a popular public garden for both tourists and locals. In this garden you can also find the famous Flower Clock (“Horloge Fleurie”), one of the most photographed places in Geneva.

In the heart of the old town, you will find the Cathedral of Saint Peter of Geneva (“Cathédrale Saint-Pierre de Genève”). Built for the Catholic rite, it later became a Protestant place of worship in 1535.

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