Verona Scaligera

Verona Scaligera

During the Della Scala dynasty (1262-1387) there was a very positive period for the urban growth of Verona.

Many buildings and monuments were built and among the main ones we can find Castelvecchio with the Ponte Scaligero and the Arche Scaligere.

Castelvecchio is the largest military monument of the Scaligeri and is one of the symbols of Verona.

Formerly called Castello di San Martino in Aquaro, Castelvecchio assumed its current name after the construction of two other important castles in Verona, that of San Felice and that of San Pietro.

The Ponte Scaligero is part of the fortress of Castelvecchio and crosses the river Adige. Built between 1354 and 1356, it served to guarantee an escape route from the Castelvecchio complex to Tyrol in case of riots in the city. 

On April 24, 1945, retreating German troops blew up the Castelvecchio Bridge. It was totally rebuilt between 1945 and 1951 thanks to many original stones found in the bed of the river Adige.

The Arche Scaligere are a monumental funerary complex of the Scaligeri family. 

Built next to the church of Santa Maria Antica, near Piazza dei Signori, they house the tombs (arches) of the most important members of the family, first of all that of Cangrande, the greatest Lord of Verona.

The tomb of Mastino II della Scala, that of Cansignorio della Scala and that of Giovanni della Scala are also part of the great complex of the Scaliger Tombs.

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