Gorizia and its Castle

Gorizia and its Castle

The city of Gorizia is located in a border area between Italy and Slovenia and thanks tothis there is a special atmosphere.

In Gorizia you can find medieval, baroque and nineteenth-century architecture, whichcoexist in a particularly harmonious way.

Gorizia, thanks to its geographical position, was the scene of several clashes and battles during the First and Second WorldWars. In fact there are many monuments to thememory and museums of what happened during the two World Wars

The Castle of Gorizia is a medieval fortification dating back to the 11th century built on the hill overlooking the city from which it takes its name.

Its current appearance does not exactly reflect the original one, in fact, only the foundations visible inside remain today.

The Castle of Gorizia also houses the Museum of the Gorizia Middle Ages.

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