Aquileia and the Unknown Soldier

Aquileia and the Unknown Soldier

After the First World War, the nations that had participated in it wanted to honor the sacrifices and heroisms in the body of an anonymous fallen fighter.

An unrecognized body was chosen for each of the bloodiest war zones

The eleven bodies, only one of which would have been buried in Rome at the Vittoriano were initially hospitalized in Gorizia, from where they were then transported to the Cathedral of Aquileia on 28th October 1921. Here the body was chosen to represent the sacrifice of 600,000 Italians.

The other ten bodies remained in Aquileia were buried in the war cemetery surrounding the Cathedral.

The journey took place on the Aquileia – Venice – Bologna – Florence – Rome railway line at walking pace so that at each station the population was able to honor the fallen symbol.

On November 4th 1921 the Unknown Soldier was buried in the chapel placed on the “Altare della Patria” in Rome.

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