Military Memorial of Monte Pasubio – Vicenza

Military Memorial of Monte Pasubio – Vicenza

The Military Memorial of Monte Pasubio is located at 1,217 meters above sea level in the province of Vicenza.

The monument, 35 meters high, preserves the remains of 5,146 fallen Italians and 40 fallen Austrians but only 1,632 Italians know the details.

Monument-Ossuary, begun in 1920, was inaugurated on 29th August 1926 and is divided into two parts: the Ossuary and the Sacellum.

Ossuary, housed in the base of the tower, includes a central crypt and two galleries. In the crypt are collected the remains of 69 decorated for Military Valor and, in 1953 there was buried the body of Marshal of Italy Guglielmo Pecori Giraldi, Commander of the 1 ^ Army from 9th May 1916 until the victorious conclusion of the war in November 1918.
In the gallery around the crypt, the remains of the unknown fallen collected in the battlefields of Pasubio are kept; in the second gallery, more external, the remains of the identified fallen are collected in individual tombs.
The entrance to the Sacellum, which is spread over 4 floors, is located on the opposite side of the Monument, at the top of a wide staircase.
The church is dedicated to Our Lady Mary Immaculate and has artistic stained glass windows and frescoes reproducing the images of warrior saints.

On the façade facing Mount Pasubio, stands the inscription: “Overseer the Pasubio, the undefeated guardians in the shadow of the cross sleep-in peace”.
With Royal Decree 1386 of 29th October 1922 the area was declared “sacred”, an emblematic place to remember the most significant events of the First World War on the Italian front.

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