Fortress of Soroca

Fortress of Soroca

The Soroca Fortress is located on the Moldovan-Ukrainian border about 160 km north of Chişinău. 

Built in 1499 on the orders of Stefan cel Mare, the Soroca Fortress has no analogues in Eastern Europe. 

Its shape is unusual for the towers that were built in the XV-XVI century. 

Between the years 1543-1546, during the reign of Petru Rares, the Fortress was rebuilt in stone, with a diameter of 38 meters and five bastions located at equal distances. 

In 1711, in the Fortress, the army of the Moldavian prince Dmitrii Cantemir was united with the Russian army. 

Thus, took place the Prut campaign against the Ottoman Empire, in which Emperor Peter I personally participated. 

The Soroca Fortress and the union of Moldovan-Russian troops became a significant part of history by winning the battle against the Ottoman Empire. 

The first restoration works were carried out only in 1968 and the Fortress is the only medieval monument in Moldova that has been preserved as planned.

The architectural uniqueness makes it not only a cultural monument, but also a symbol of national protection of Moldova, Moldovan soldiers never let enemies cross the right bank of the Dnester to conquer its territory.

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