The Varone Waterfall Park

The Varone Waterfall Park

The Varone Waterfall Park, is located about 3 km north of Riva del Garda and is one of the most popular natural attractions in the whole of Alto Garda.

Inaugurated on 20th June 1874 in the presence of the King of Saxony Giovanni and Prince Nicholas of Montenegro since then the Varone Waterfall Cave Park has become one of the favorite destinations of Garda tourism. 

The waterfall is fed by the underground losses of Lake Tenno that form the Magnone stream which falls thunderously into the gorge with a leap of almost 100 meters. 

This rare natural spectacle is appreciable in all its imposing beauty thanks to the walkways that allow you to admire the water jump from two different points: one lower and one upper. 

In this place you can observe the work of erosion of limestone rocks carried out by water in about 20,000 years. 

In the park there is also the botanical garden where you can admire many varieties of crops, even non-native, which coexist perfectly thanks to the particular Garda microclimate.

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