The Bell of the Fallen of Rovereto

The Bell of the Fallen of Rovereto

The Bell of the Fallen of Rovereto was built in 1924 with the bronze of the cannons offered by the nations that had participated in the First World War. 

It was cast in Trento, baptized with the name of “Maria Dolens” and inaugurated on 4th October 1925 on the Castle of Rovereto in memory of the fallen of the Great War.

The promoter of the initiative was Antonio Rossaro, a priest from Rovereto who created numerous initiatives in memory of the war that had just ended.

Initially located on the Malipiero Bastion of the Castle of Rovereto, in a short time the Bell became a symbol of national and international resonance, one of the most effective and intense icons of public memory.

The bell was recast in 1939 and 1964. 

Blessed in St. Peter’s Square by Paul VI on 4th November 1965, the Bell was placed on the Colle di Miravalle in Rovereto.

Within the monumental area, there is also the “Avenue of Nations”, which includes the flags of over 100 countries, including national states and non-independent territorial entities, which have formally adhered to the “Memorandum of Peace” of the Foundation.

Every evening at sunset its hundred chimes are a warning of universal peace.

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