The Church of Bojana

The Church of Bojana

The Church of Bojana dates back to the medieval period and is located in a suburban area of Sofia, in the district of Boyana. 

This sacred building was included in 1979 in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The most famous part of this church is the frescoes. They are divided into 2 layers and are very ancient.

The first layer of frescoes, which originally covered the entire Church, dates back to the tenth century. 

The second cycle of frescoes was painted directly on the first layer and was executed by unknown artists with over 200 painted figures.

A part of the oldest area of the church is, however, characterized by some scenes of Christ Pantocrator present in the dome.

In addition to these there are some depictions dedicated to the Virgin, to the holy fathers of the Orthodox Church St. Gregory, Basil the Great, John Cirisostom and Patriarch Germanus. 

Great importance is also given to St. Nicholas, one of the most important saints of Bulgaria, to whom the first floor is dedicated.

In the rest of the church are depicted numerous other saints, some linked more to Orthodox culture than to the Christian one, or of great figures linked to the Bulgarian Empire. 

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