Wembley Stadium – England national team

Wembley Stadium – England national team

In late 2002 and early 2003 the old Wembley Stadium was demolished and a more “modern” version was built in its place in 2007. 

With its 90,000 seats it is the largest stadium in the United Kingdom and second in Europe behind only the Camp Nou in Barcelona.

The ancient Wembley Stadium is undoubtedly the most emblematic place in European football. One of the best footballers in history, Pelé, gave him the nickname “Cathedral of Football” because of its unique atmosphere in the world. 

In addition to football, however, the old Wembley has gone down in history as the venue of the 1948 Olympic Games and for having hosted some of the most important concerts in the history of music, such as that of Queen, Guns N Roses or Michael Jackson.

The tour of the new Wembley Stadium will also allow you to visit the Wembley Museum, an authentic collection in which trophies, jerseys and unique photographs of the history of sport stand out.

Currently the stadium is owned by the English Federation, and is the place where the English national team plays its home games. In addition, it is the venue of the FA Cup final and inside it is held the concerts of the most famous artists.

Wembley Stadium is located in the north west of the city of London and is easily accessible by public transport.The best way to get to the stadium by tube is the Jubilee Line and the Metropolitan Line with Wembley Park stop.

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