Charles Bridge – Prague

Charles Bridge – Prague

It is the oldest and most important bridge in Prague. 

Its construction, commissioned by Charles IV, began in 1357 and ended in 1402. 

On both sides it is fortified by towers (the smallest of the Towers of the Bridge of the Small-Town dates back to the twelfth century, while the highest tower is 300 years younger). The gateway to the Charles Bridge from the Old Town, considered the most beautiful Gothic gate in Europe, was finished before 1380. 

From 1683 to 1928, the bridge was adorned with 30 statues of saints.

Originally, in the place where the bridge is now located, there was a walkway made of wooden logs tied together. 

In the tenth century a wooden bridge was already mentioned but it was endangered by any flood, so, around 1170, Vladislav II had a stone bridge built, which was called Judith’s Bridge and which in 1342 was destroyed by a flood. 

On the parapet of the bridge are 30 statues and groups of statues, most of which date from a period between 1706 and 1714.

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