The Bolshoi Theater -Moscow

The Bolshoi Theater -Moscow

The Bolshoi Theater (Большίой театр) is the most famous theater in Russia, where ballets, operas and plays are staged.

The building was built in 1824 by Andrei Mikhailov to replace the Petrovka theater, which was destroyed by fire in 1805.

Bolshoi in Russian means “great”, not only because it is the most important theater in Moscow, but also because of its surprising size. The main hall of the Bolshoi Theater has a height of 21 meters and a width of 26 and in all can accommodate about  2100 people .

The theater, in neoclassical style, is one of the most famous and noble temples of classical ballet in the world.

The theater is also associated with its own dance company, the Bolshoi Ballet.

The Bolshoi Theater is depicted on the 100-ruble note.

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