Braies Lake

Braies Lake

The Braies Lake is the pearl of the Alpine lakes, a wonder of nature.

Braies Lake in Trentino-Alto Adige was formed when gigantic rock towers plunged into the depths and moved the valley to its narrowest point.

From the waters that accumulated behind the narrowest point of the valley, Lake Braies was born in the province of Bolzano, a so-called “dam lake”, which shows no visible ebb.

The waters drain underground at the deepest point and re-emerge a good stretch later downstream.

However, if the legend is credited, the lake was formed when some savages here once mined gold. The shepherds who lived in the area were envious and attempted to steal these treasures. The thing did not succeed, however, because the savages opened underground springs and made all their wealth sink into the lake that was born in this way.

Already known for some time, however, Lake Braies has become even more famous for being the film set of the Italian TV series “A step from the sky” (A un passo dal cielo) with Terence Hill.

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