Custoza, between history and wine – Verona

Custoza, between history and wine – Verona

Custoza is a fraction of the Municipality of Sommacampagna in the province of Verona which rises on the former Roman Postumia road that connected the Upper Adriatic from Genoa near the city of Aquileia.

Inaugurated in 1879 on the Belvedere hill, the Ossuary of Custoza collects the remains of the fallen of the first and third Italian War of Independence.

The first battle of Custoza was fought between 22 and 27 July 1848, during the first Italian war of independence, between the troops of the Kingdom of Sardinia led by King Carlo Alberto of Savoy and those of the Austrian Empire commanded by the marshal Josef Radetzky. Battle of Custoza had important implications on the policy of the Savoy Kingdom, causing the defeat of the Kingdom of Sardinia and the subsequent retreat of the Piedmontese army to Milan.

The second battle of Custoza instead was fought between 24 and 25 June 1866, during thethird Italian war of independence, between the troops of the Kingdom of Italy led by Alfonso La Marmora and those of the Austrian Empire commanded by the Archduke Alberto of Hapsburg, the battle of Custoka leads to the unification of Veneto tothe Kingdom of Italy.

In the crypt of the Ossuary are the remains of the soldiers, both Italian and Austrian, who fought in the two battles of Custoza. 

Another historical character linked to the town of Custoza and to those events is the Sardinian Tamburino who, according to the story told in the book Cuore by Edmondo De Amicis, ran down the hills of Custoza to call for reinforcements.

The Bianco di Custoza DOC is a white wine produced in the province of Verona near Custoza. It is suitable for pairing with dishes based on crustaceans and molluscs, first courses based on seafood, fried and baked fish with aromatic herbs and its scent is slightly aromatic with fruity and floral notes.

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