Rose Museum – Kazanlak

Rose Museum – Kazanlak

The only museum in the World dedicated to the rose is located in the city of Kazanlak in central Bulgaria. 

The first exhibition of the Kazanlak rose was held in 1967 and since 1969 it has been transformed into a museum. The current appearance of the building dates back to 1984. 

The museum exhibition includes original images and documents on the development of rose production, tools for processing rose gardens, vessels for the storage and export of oil and rose water. 

The rose plant is one of the symbols of Bulgaria and was introduced by the Ottoman Turks.

In 1740, a French company exported the first batch of rose oil from Bulgaria.
Bulgarian rose oil has an exceptionally high quality thanks to the technology with which it is produced: the double distillation method and intermediate cooling. 

Even today, due to its high quality, Bulgarian rose oil is still one of the preferred raw materials for French perfume manufacturers.

During the first weekend of June, the Rose Festival takes place in Kazanlak, one of the most important events in the Valley of Roses.

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