Trinity College – Dublin 

Trinity College – Dublin 

Trinity College Dublin is the oldest university in Ireland.

It was founded in 1592 and modeled after the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. 

The main entrance to College Green is located in the cobbled square with the Belfry in the center, flanked by stone buildings with arched portals and Doric columns. 

Among them is the Old Library which houses the Book of Kells, one of Ireland’s greatest cultural treasures. 

The Book of Kells is one of the most famous manuscripts in history, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, described in the 11th century as the most valuable object in the Western world. 

This manuscript contains the four New Testament Gospels in Latin and dates back to the 1800s. Each of the 680 pages features elaborate images of mythological creatures, wild animals, Christian iconography, and Celtic symbols. (It is strictly forbidden to photograph the Book of Kells).

Another important place is the Long Room, a library that houses over 250,000 ancient books and historical documents.

The library, which is over 65 mt. long, has been in operation since 1732. 

Also in the library are the oldest Irish harp, which belonged to Brian Boru, which has become one of the national symbols and the Proclamation of the Republic of Ireland, read during the Easter Rising of 1916.

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