Military Memorial of Cima Grappa – Vicenza

Military Memorial of Cima Grappa – Vicenza

With the breakdown of the Italian front and the retreat of Caporetto, Monte Grappa became the first line of the mountain sector between Brenta and Piave. After a dramatic retreat, the Italian troops reached the Grappa exhausted. 

The conquest of Monte Grappa, in fact, would have allowed the Austro- Hungarians to enter theVeneto plain without any war effort.

Military Memorial of Cima Grappa was built in 1935 and stands on the top of the Grappa massif at analtitude of 1776 meters

The central body of the monument, which houses the mortal remains of 12.615 fallen, of which 10.332 are unknown, is made up offive concentric circles, each 4 meters high and 10 meters wide.

The remains of the fallen identified are arranged in alphabetical order and kept in individual niches, covered with bronze plates.

On the top of the monument stands the chapel of the Sanctuary of the Madonnina del Grappa. The Madonnina del Grappa, blessed by Cardinal Sarto, who later became Pope Pius X today is a destination for devoutpilgrimage.

From the square of the Sanctuary, between two rows of stone blocks on which the names of the places linked to the most famous events of the Grappa battles are carved, the heroic road that runs for 250 meters to the Portal of Rome.

An observatory has been created above the Portal of Rome from which it is possible to observe the wide surrounding panorama and the points of greatest historical interest.

Between the 4th and 5th round, in a central position, is the tomb of General Giardino.

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