ARARAT brandy – Yerevan

ARARAT brandy – Yerevan

ARARAT is the most famous and successful Armenian brandy brand in the world.

The history of the oldest Armenian brandy brand began in 1887, during the period of occupation of Armenia by the Russian Empire, when the first production was founded thanks to Nerses and Vasily Tairyan. After the creation of the Soviet Union the company became state-owned, but in 1999 it was sold to the company French Pernod Ricard.

Over the years, ARARAT has become a true symbol of the highest quality, confirmed by numerous international awards and certificates.

The first international recognition was obtained during the 1902 World Exhibition in France.

Today the ARARAT brand that is exported to more than 50 countries in the world is the first world brand of Armenian cognac.

During the tour at the Museum at the Yerevan Plant, you can learn about the history of making brandies and the main stages of production.

ARARAT brandies start from an aging of only 3 years to conclude with the Erabuni limited collection with 30, 50 and 70 years of aging.

  • Ararat aged 3 years: the youngest brandy in the range with a spicy flavor.
  • Ararat aged 5 years: a taste created from vines grown in Armenia.
  • Ani aged 7 years: an elegant blend, born from a combination of carefully selected spirits.
  • Akhtamar aged 10 years: bright silky character of brandy.
  • Dvin: perfect balance of flavor thanks to extra aging.
  • Vaspurakan aged 15 years: bright taste, aged in Caucasian oak barrels.
  • Nairi aged 20 years: the embodiment of craftsmanship in the blending of cognac distillates.
  • Erebuni aged 30 years: silky and enveloping taste with notes of dried fruit
  • Erebuni aged 50 years: vintage distillate created from endemic vines
  • Erebuni aged 70 years: the oldest brandy in the collection

Along with classic brandies, new blends constantly appear within the product line such as ARARAT brandies with apricot, cherry and coffee.

The tour ends with tasting several iconic brandies.

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