Vernissage and GUM Market – Yerevan 

Vernissage and GUM Market – Yerevan 

The Vernissage is Yerevan’s largest open-air market while GUM is the city’s most important covered market.

The Vernissage is located in the heart of the capital, not far from Republic Square. 

The market consists of separate pavilions representing different traditional Armenian artworks. 

You will find a large selection of wooden objects, paintings made by different artists and many typical Armenian musical instruments.

Until a few years ago the market was only open on weekends, but now you can find it open even during working days.

The name GUM was the title given to the main department stores in the cities of the former Soviet Union. 

You can find dry and candied products, butchers, fishmongers, fruits and vegetables, spices, clothes and other typical Armenian objects. 

GUM Market Yerevan is located south of Republic Square and can be reached in a walk of about 15-20 minutes. Alternatively, you can use the metro with Zoravar Andranik stop, 300 meters from the market.

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