The most important museums in Tirana

The most important museums in Tirana

In Tirana there are many museums but those with the greatest historical importance are the Bunk’Art 2 and the House of Leaves.

The Bunk’Art 2 is located in the center of Tirana and is the second phase of a historical-cultural project that tells the story of the years of the communist regime, including the fears and horrors of that regime. 

This bunker, called “Objekti Shtylla”, consists of 24 rooms, an apartment reserved for the minister and a large room dedicated to telecommunications. The Bunker was built between 1981 and 1986. 

The museum displays the accounts of the methods and tools of surveillance of people’s lives during the communist dictatorial regime in Albania.

The House of Leaves (National Surveillance Museum) is so named because of the ivy leaves that cover its front. Opened in 2017, it is the newest museum in Albania that seeks to tell visitors about the communist regime in Albania. 

The museum displays the various works of the Albanian secret services during the 40 years of dictatorial regime but unfortunately also the methods of torture of prisoners.

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