Post-disaster nature

Post-disaster nature

In the Exclusion Zone of 30 km from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, there is a feeling of unease: deserted streets and abandoned buildings.

There is desolation, but if you look closely, life is also present.

The nature of the place, albeit forever poisoned, had the strength to grow through wildlife and to “regain possession” of the concrete, buildings and the city itself.

There are also many animals.

The most common animals are dogs and cats, relatives of those who survived radiation and human retaliation trying to limit the damage.

You can also find the famous Chernobyl horses (Przewalski) and some bears.

The disappearance of man has meant the elimination of all forms of pollution, drastically improving the quality of the environment and the life opportunities for animal species.

Nature without man manages to survive, indeed it gives the best of itself.

Man without nature is destined to disappear. 

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