Sacred Islamic Relics of Topkapi Palace – Istanbul

Sacred Islamic Relics of Topkapi Palace – Istanbul

The sacred Islamic relics (Kutsal emanetler), are located in the Topkapi Palace and consist of religious pieces given to the Ottoman sultans between the sixteenth century and the end of the nineteenth century.

With the conquest of the Arab world by Sultan Selim I in 1517, the Turkish caliphate came under the rule of the Ottoman sultans.

The relics are housed in the private rooms of the sultan and are located in the third courtyard of the Palace and are housed in 4 different rooms:

  • In the Destimal Chamber are exposed the vase of Abraham, the turban of Joseph, the staff of Moses, the sword of David, the scrolls of John the Baptist and the imprint of Muhammad’s foot.
  • Room Şadırvanlı is the room where the keys and gutters of the Kaaba, the protective casing of the Black Stone (Hacerü’l-Esved) and the swords of Muhammad’s companions are displayed.
  • The Audience Hall, also known as the Chamber of Petitions (Arzhane) houses a piece of Muhammad’s tooth (Dendan-ı Saadet), Muhammad’s beard hair (Sakal-ı Şerif), a letter with Muhammad’s signature (Name-ı Saadet), swords, and Muhammad’s bow. In this hall the Qur’an is continuously recited.
  • The Chamber of the Blessed Cloak houses the silver canopy under which the Blessed Cloak and the Sacred Standard of Muhammad are kept in their gold chests.

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