National Museum of Archaeology and History of Moldova – Chişinău

The National Museum of Archaeology and History of Moldova is one of the most important museum institutions of the Republic of Moldova, in fact inside it are preserved over 263,000 finds of great historical and scientific value. 

The exhibition space occupies an area of 1,700 square meters and collects a series of objects that illustrate the history of Moldova from ancient times to the present day through the economic, cultural, political and social development that has taken place in the country.

The rooms host particular reconstructions of different social, historical and cultural environments.

The archaeological collection is very rich and consists of objects that come from excavations or donations and date back to the Paleolithic, Neolithic and Bronze and Iron Ages up to the Middle Ages.

Other collections are composed of finds dated between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries among which you can find objects of daily life, related to work or personal effects.

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