Kiek in de Kök Museum – Tallinn

The Kiek Fortification in de Kök Museum, with its underground passages and defense towers, immerses visitors in the fascinating history of Tallinn city. 

  • The Kiek Fortification in de Kök Museum consists of three parts:
  • The Kiek artillery tower in de Kök 
  • The underground passages of the bastion and the Museum of carved stone

The Neitsitorn Tower, the Tallitorn Tower and the Väravatorn Tower)

Kiek in de Kök, the most powerful artillery tower in the Baltics, was originally built in 1470. Today, the tower is a museum for the fortifications of the city. 

In addition to examples of medieval firepower, there are exhibits detailing how the city’s system of walls and towers developed over the centuries. 

The Neitsitorn Tower, built as a defense tower in the fourteenth century, was also a home for artists and a popular bar. Today, you can stroll along the city walls for some stunning views or explore exhibits about Tallinn’s coffee culture, sweet makers, and the fascinating history of the tower itself.   

From the Neitsitorn Tower, you can access the Tallitorn Tower and the Väravatorn Tower at the top of the city walls. 

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